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Miss 3


Miss is the electronic floor machine for soft ice cream and frozen yogurt that can be placed in any environment, from a traditional store to a self-service dispenser.

The two highly efficient cooling systems independently manage the ice cream production and its preservation within the tank by optimizing performance and by reducing the energy consumption costs.

The perfect combination of special patented counter-rotating stirrers and the pump system outside of the preservation tank ensure the highest continuity of ice cream delivery.


Orther products
* Warranty: 3 year

- Type : Máy làm kem (soft ice )
- Brand : Innova
- Origin : Italy
- Packing : 1 kiện/carton
- Weight : 101 - 500 kg
- For : Ice cream shop
- Status : còn hàng
- Catalogue : Download tại đây
- Distributor : Vua kem

Add: 26lk14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 024 3906 8888 - 024 6689 1111
Hotline: 0916 819 888 - 0986 883 888


Tags: Vua kem


Product detail

Miss 3 is designed with two highly efficient cooling systems, independently managing the production of ice cream and preserving it inside the tank.
Thanks to two separate pools, Miss 3 allows the distribution of two different flavors that can even be mixed together.
Solder to ensure a strong and durable product. Thanks to its high quality, Miss 3 maintains its value unchanged over time.
- Miss 3's work cycle uses a special blade to accelerate the production process but also for a highly efficient cooling system.
- It has a simple, intuitive and easy to set up.
- Miss 3's automatic return system gives you complete control over the delivery of your cream without waste.
- Miss 3 is managed completely by a complex electronic system that continuously monitors the operation of the machine to ensure perfect operation.
Models available in a pump or gravity version are designed to be easily placed on the production line or in an integrated system. The options available for Miss 3 ensure excellent flexibility.
The Remote Control System (RCS) connects Miss 3 with Innova's service network, which can be viewed in real time to provide a targeted solution to your problem.
SOURCE: 400/50/3
TANK: 6.5 LT x2
Taste: 2 + MIX
DIMENSIONS: 59 x 64 (+9) x142 CM


Company Name TADAVINA CO., LTD
Contact Person MR TUAN
Address 26LK14, Mau Luong, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel +8424 3906 8888
Fax +8424 2321 1111
Mobile +84 986 883 888
Email vuakem@vuakem.com
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Innova Italia - A manufacturer of ice cream machines "made in Italy" 100% "Hand made" in Italy, Innova's ice cream machines are very special, with outstanding features. Gelato Ice Cream Maker, Innova Ice Cream Maker is designed to run on magnetic shaft, water and gas cooled.

Innova Italia - is a manufacturer of gelato machines, a manufacturer of ice cream machines, yogurt creamers. Innova Italia's products are 100% "Made in Italy", the 'hand made' line, with strangely styled and superior use over other brands in Italy.

The whole machine is made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, which is thicker than other models, which alleviate noise during operation. Dual gear motors combined with inverter help to handle more speed, Significantly reduce maintenance costs as other competitors.

After the ice cream, the cold mode is controlled step by step, allowing you to optimize the time. Only in about 7 minutes. It has a unique software system that allows you to quickly set up your operating system. The fluid chamber is a masterpiece of art, always clean with a smooth blade system that fits snugly in every weather.

At present, Innova Italia products are available in many countries in the world, and in Vietnam are imported and distributed directly by PAFO (VUA KEM) since 2018.

With Italian technology along with compressors imported from Europe, Innova Italia specializes in producing high quality gelato machines for the high end market in Europe. Asia and Europe.

Innova Italia concentrates exclusively on the high-end segment of the consumer market, while the line of products is designed and assembled in Bergamo, Italy, but is a 100% Made in Italy ", export to Europe, America, Asia ...

In Vietnam, since 2018, Innova Italia has been directly imported and distributed nationwide, by PAFO (Ice Cream) is the exclusive distributor for this brand.

Movi 30, Movi 30, Movi 60, Movi 60, Movi 100, Movi 100 Plus, Movi Mix 30 Movi mix 60 Movi mix 60 Creams of 2 liters to 13 liters per creamer 7 - 10 minutes.

In addition, Innova also produces 100% hand made Italian ice cream machines like the HOOP, Miss, Slim series that also use the spindle instead of the belt as other rivals in the world.

Come to our showrooms, our company office to see the products whenever you want. In addition to the Innova Italia ice cream machine, when you come here you will see other products such as Taycool ice cream machine, Tecmach ice cream machine, Fama powder machine, Miken frying machine, Fama oven , coffimell snow slicer Italy ... Rubicone ice cream making and making equipment




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A series designed in the name of technology


INNOVA is a modern and dynamic reality that has been operating in the ice cream machines industry for years. Strongly oriented towards the search for new constructive solutions, INNOVA adds continuity to the evolution and development of every model thanks to a team driven by precise objectives.


The first and most important one is the desire to place the customer and his expectations at center stage by offering professional, safe, easy to use, flexible, durable, efficient and top quality machines.

Continuous innovation, technological reliability, complete control of the processes, constant search for the most efficient and performing materials and improved functionality to facilitate the ease of use are the principles that drive the work of INNOVA.


The search for excellence as a winning strategy

A work that is represented throughout INNOVA’S series of batch freezers, pasteurizers, maturation vats, multifunction and soft ice cream machines by combining the mechanics and electronics in an optimal manner to optimize production.

A work that is represented throughout INNOVA’S series of batch freezers, pasteurizers, maturation vats, multifunction and soft ice cream machines by combining the mechanics and electronics in an optimal manner to optimize production.


Besides ice cream producers to support their success

The success achieved over time leads INNOVA towards continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence, as evidenced, for example, by the achievement of the TÜV certification.

INNOVA’s reliability is mainly due to the precious cooperation of the sales and distribution divisions, whose members are always trained and qualified to promptly respond to the needs of all ice cream producers.

INNOVA has always been besides professional ice cream producers by manufacturing machines than can accompany, support and help them achieve the most creative and ambitious experiences in terms of flavor and taste.

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